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 Work with us 

We are looking for candidates with an exceptional combination of passion, dedication, positive energy, and the desire to grow and make a career in a sector that will be one of Angola's economic diversification drivers. If you identify with our ambitions and have the skills we need, we want to hear from you.

Our Culture

Our common goal is to create sustainable value for all by working with commodities that enable better living conditions and new possibilities.

We are committed to the well-being of communities and ecosystems in the places where we operate, especially when it comes to driving a new of responsible and sustainable mining.

We have clear principles and values. Our way is to do the right thing, the right way.


We are one of the largest employers in Cuando Cubango Province, the integrated chain that comprises our project has a diverse workforce. We are a young company, and we are building a team of excellence and our international reputation.


We are proud to have come where we are; however, we recognize that we are part of a competitive and demanding industry, so we look forward and strive to partner with all our stakeholders, from communities and government to customers and shareholders.

How will we do this? By investing in assets that deliver quality products. By becoming ever more efficient. And by continuing to work safely, sustainably, and responsibly. Above all, we depend on our workers—the people who make our company.

What do we look for in candidates?

We need people who share our culture and are ready to make a difference.

The first step to becoming a CSC employee will be to inform your data and send us a message with your motivations through the form beside.

Message sent successfully; please wait for our contact.

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