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 About Us 

Founded in 2016 to start implementing its project, CSC is a limited company with private capital, whose object is to exercise the activity in the steel mill and mining segments, having as its primary products the pig iron and iron ore.

Its production units are located in the south of Angola in the province of Cuando Cubango: at Cuchi municipality, is located the steel mill complex for the production of pig iron and in Cutato village the mine that bears the same name as its location "Mina do Cutato" where we carry out the extraction and processing of iron ore.

CSC is the first steel mill in Angola to produce pig iron and to use charcoal as a reducer in the production process through sustainable, carbon-free technology. 

The CSC's production is destined to be exported. It will contribute substantially to the country's trade balance and play an essential role in Angola's socio-economic development, particularly for local communities where the plants are installed and currently the biggest employer in the province.

With privileged logistics compared to other projects worldwide, CSC has a fully rehabilitated railway, which passes through the steel mill and the Cutato mine, arriving directly at the Port of Namibe, from where exports are made.


Our mission 

The investors of the CSC believe that Angola's natural resources will promote the industries of the future and contribute enormously to the restoration of a more robust and more sustainable economy.

Our mission is to transform the country's natural resources, generating human development and thereby guaranteeing prosperity.

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