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Transparency is the benchmark of our governance and guides our actions.

CSC has a Board of Directors committed to strengthening and protecting the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders and fulfilling a decisive stewardship role over the Company's affairs.

The general guidelines and policies that direct our business is established by the Board of Directors, which also monitors the implementation and execution of each initiative.

Management Team


Rui Silva

Chief Executive Officer


Geraldo Basques



Danilo Danelucci



Rui Caiate



Nuno La-Vieter



Mario Costa

Advisor to the Board

The managers are responsible for the company's day-to-day management, in line with the strategic guidelines defined by the Board of Directors.


Wilton de Oliveira

Chief Operating Officer


Erivan Andrade

Chief Financial Officer


Angela Domingos

Chief Human Resource Officer

Leadership Team

Code of Conduct

In the course of carrying out our activity and expanding the business, we are committed to employees, customers, suppliers, institutional bodies, competitors, partners, and local communities. 

To ensure professional cohesion among employees and communicate our vision for the future, we will apply the institutional principles arising from the Code of Conduct and Ethics.    

Whistleblower Channel

Reinforcing the commitment to business transparency, we make available to our employees, customers, partners, and service providers a Whistleblower Channel, which we consider to be an important tool for strengthening the company's management.


The Whistleblower Channel is a means of communication that ensures total confidentiality and through which concerns about potentially unethical or illegal practices and conduct, unclear operations, or operations contrary to legislation may be reported and investigated.

"Our Code of Conduct demands a commitment to ethics and integrity in all that we do as a company. We ask all our colleagues to be dedicated to upholding the values and standards presented here."

- Rui Celso, Chief Executive Officer 

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