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 We are the first 
Steel mill in Angola 

 to produce pig iron 

96.000 ton

pig iron / year

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+1200 direct


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carbon-free production

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Transforming the province of Cuando Cubango

The CSC project embraces several sectors of the economy, such as mining, industry, and forestry.


These integrated activities currently generate more d and 500 jobs, with a projection to reach 1. 400 direct jobs until the last phase of its implementation.

CSC is the first steel mill in Angola to produce pig iron and use charcoal as a reducer in the production process through sustainable and carbon-free technology.


Mina do Cutato, Cuando Cubango.

Learn more about the production of iron ore.


Cuchi, Cuando Cubango.

Learn more about how CSC processes iron ore and turns it into pig iron.


Come join our team.

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